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Régnié PDO Wine
Three artists ! When Calligraphy, Architecture and Vinification meet

Gaïa is the product of shapes and forms. She originates from a spherical vat and a delicate and soft 25 day pickling including 4 days of cold pre-fermentation. Then, after 6 months of rest in an ovoid vat, she is aged 12 months in "demi-muid" barrels. This batch is the direct result of meetings across the world, from Australia with its cold pre-fermentation technique to the label’s calligraphy from Japan, and the Beaujolais region for its vats, we give you Gaïa. A big thank you to Naomi Yanai, calligrapher in Nara, Japan and Tony Costa for his creative mind and all the others who passed by, without your support this batch would have never been created.

Wine Tasting : A purple colored robe, the nose has an important concentration of spicy and floral notes, the mouth is full, very tasty, fleshy, delicate and harmonious.
Naomi Yanai - Calligrapher


Régnié PDO Wine
This wine is raw pleasure for the senses, it is fat, the tannin is toned down by the oak barrel. Its purple robe is extremely sensual. The aromas will bring you into a passionate alliance of red fruits, vanilla and brioche. It s mouth if full of envy, it is an ecstasy of heat and power. It is so long that it will follow you long after you have had the last drop of this very fine nectar.

This wine is perfect to accompany an Andouillette, a jugged hare ‘à la lyonnaise’, a poultry ‘blanquette’ but also cheese.

Wine Tasting: Powerful purple robe, with several legs, a powerful nose, very spicy with a touch of candied fruits going from strawberry to cherry. Very powerful mouth, an honest attack yet very round. A Spicy note with a touch of very ripe red fruits.
Sylvain Churlet - Illustrator


Régnié PDO Wine
This Cuvee was born in 2010, and on that year I fully understood the difficulty of making wine with an old Ronze vine. One day it s delicate, the next rustique, its aromas and mouth played with me throughout the entire process. Fussy ! That s what my grandfather always told me about this cuvee, and he was right. It s not easily tamed, it needs 12 full months of maturation to tone down it s nature ! Its mouth is like a stolen kiss with a smooth passion ! It will accompany a wine saucisson as well as any red meat. A special thank you to Bénédict Montoy, artist in Lantignié, for her illustration and for all the great moments spent in her company.

Wine Tasting : Red purple, almost black robe, beautiful legs, a cherry and vanilla nose, a mouth with a smooth and powerful attack, its tannins fade away. A wine with a lingering flavor.
Bénédicte Montoy - Paintor

Les charmes

Morgon PDO Wine
Charming is the right word for it! It will cast a spell on you, seduce you, blow you away.

This powerful and smooth wine will win over your palate and your heart. Its purple robe with notes of Burlat cherry will seduce you, its legs call out for a thousand smooth promises. Its mouth is strong and smooth and will give you an immediate and carnal pleasure.
It will perfectly accompany red meats or goat cheese.

Wine Tasting : A burlat cherry robe, a close nose in its first year, that opens up to morello, a closed and powerful mouth. It’s best to leave this wine be for a year before tasting it.

La Ronze

Régnié PDO Wine
This land is beautiful ! Harvested for over 100 years and it will still surprise you. La Ronze is a perfumed and round wine, releasing a fabulously long mouth. Its red robe goes from cherry to ruby. Its aromas are of raspberry, currant and blackcurrant with a spicy and mineral note. A subtle balance of red fruits, fresh and structured by subtle tannins.

The Régnié La Ronze will go perfectly will with a duck and peas dish, a chicken with morels, as well as a stuffed cabbage, or port kidneys.

Wine Tasting : Purple robe with long legs, a spicy nose with notes of cherry and strawberry, the mouth has a powerful and round attack, the fruit is present and the tannins are delicately extracted.

La Savoye

Beaujolais Villages PDO Wine
La Savoye has a shiny purple robe, its legs are generous. With aromas of raspberry and strawberry, it s an invitation to a walk through the gorgeous orchards. Its subtle mouth is a sweet kiss with fine and silky tannins. Between spices and raw fruits, your palate will be thrilled.

La Saboye is perfect for beef skewers, a porc filet mignon, rabbit, duck terrine, an omelette or sushi. La Savoye is above all a friend s wine !

Wine Tasting : A cardinal red robe with a glint of purple, its nose has raspberry, strawberry and sometimes currant aromas, its mouth has a round and fruity attack, the tannins are soft and tasty.
Guy BRUN - Illustrator

Fleur de Péché

Beaujolais Villages PDO Wine
A small guilty pleasure full of fruit and sweetness !

The cold wine making process will give you a great roundness and smoothness, an almost sweet note. It’s halfway between apricot and peach, the aromas are great and tasty. Its fine mouth has a great smoothness. To enjoy in the summer at a BBQ or in the winter with an appetizer.

Wine Tasting : A red-salmon robe with a number of slow legs that show the wine’s roundness, a delicate nose of apricot and peach and sometimes citrus, very round mouth with a great freshness.
Guy BRUN - Illustrator

Le Primeur

Beaujolais Villages PDO Wine
This wine is made for people who just love nice and simple moments. It’s a popular wine, a friend’s and family’s wine without formality. It’s just like that, full of fresh and crisp fruits, you just have to accept it as it is. A sinful pleasure, a star in the month of November ! Enjoy it with an appetizer, a saucisson or a seafood platter.

Wine Tasting : Dark red robe, a nose of crisp fruits, some notes of citrus, a fresh and elegant mouth, the tannins are present and round.
Guy BRUN - Illustrator

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